Today is the day! 

I have been so excited to share Fountains with everyone. 

Sometime soon I will share more of the story behind this song, but today I just wanted to put it out there with a few simple words of encouragement.

This song was not written in a moment of high enthusiasm or boisterous joy.  It is quiet, it is subdued. Fountains is not the kind of song that will make you jump up and down. It is a quiet, solemn hovering over truth. 

There are seasons of joy and prosperity and jubilee. And there are seasons where all you can do is just hover, just stand in place, wobbly and uncertain, trying with everything within you simply to hold your ground. I have experienced times of real darkness and discouragement. I have watched friends around me, even this past year, walk through unimaginable loss and trial. 

In times like those, being able to say to God "all of my fountains are in you" isn't just a nice sentiment. It's a battle cry. It's saying to him "even though everything around me tells me you are NOT good, I'll still run to you. I'll still level all my hunger and thirst at you even though I am terrified you will let me down". 

Sometimes the quietest statements are also the most powerful. Sometimes the volume of your voice doesn't matter. If all you can do is stand, then stand. That is enough. You are doing enough. You are heard and you are seen.

Of course I hope you all like the song, but more than that, I truly hope and pray that the spirit of this song meets something in your spirit and brings you peace today.